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Mat Yoga

Drop-in: $15
5 class: $67.50 (10% discount)
10 class: $120 (20% discount)

Suspension Yoga

Drop-in: $20

5 class: $90.00 (10% discount)

10 class: $160 (20% discount)

*not eligible for further discount



Mat Yoga

Monthly Unlimited: $120

Couples Monthly: $199
Annual Unlimited: $1,200

Suspension Yoga*

Monthly Unlimited $120

Mat & Suspension Combo

Monthly Unlimited $200**

*Please see Suspension Yoga for pre-requirements

**not eligible for further discount



Mental Health, Medical Field, Teachers, Vets & First Responders*:
$96/mo (20% discount)

Students: $60/mo (50% discount)

*Support/Admin staff within any of these fields also eligible for discount


To facilitate the best experience and maintain the atmosphere for each individuals' practice, the doors will be locked 2-3 minutes prior to each class start time. Please plan accordingly to arrive with enough time to check in, change, set up for your practice, attend to any last minute needs (i.e. water, bathroom, getting props, etc) and be on your mat ready to start on time.  Unless otherwise pre-communicated, we will not allow late comers into the class to lessen the amount of distraction for every other student.

Please do not come to class wearing perfume, cologne, or body sprays. If you are a smoker, we ask that you do not smoke before coming to class, that you shower, and put on clothing that has not been worn while smoking. If you come class and have not followed these protocols, you will not be able to attend class
. This protocol is in place due to being in a small space with intense heat and being aware that others have sensitivities to smells. Thank you in advance for your understanding and cooperation. 
We look forward to seeing you soon!

Class  Descriptions


104 degrees

A fun twist to the classic Hatha, this class will include the same 26 poses but incorporate them into a flow sequence. If you find yourself wanting to try something different, this class is a great option for you. Perfect for beginners as well as advanced practitioners.

A simple and slow sequenced Vinyasa style flow. Slower paced movements focusing on alignment, strength, balance, & flexibility. This class is great for all levels and especially suited for beginners or those newly recovering from injury.


104 degrees

An adaption of the classic Bikram 26+2 posture sequence. This class systematically works the entire body to increase strength, flexibility, balance and stamina. A healing yet challenging class practiced in a heated room to warm the muscles in preparation for a safer, deeper stretch and to aid in the release of toxins. No yoga experience needed for this class making it a perfect option for beginners and challenging enough for advanced practitioners.


85 degrees

Bringing balance to the typical Yang practices (hatha/vinyasa). It stretches the connective tissues and exercises the ligaments, joints and bones. During this practice the objective is to relax the muscles, allowing access to the connective tissues of the body. This class focuses on creating a deeper stretch while seated with longer holds (3-5 minutes). Suitable for all levels.

An integration of yoga & body weight workout which focuses on using the flexibility of yoga and while working the core and strengthening/toning the major muscle groups of the body using nothing more than your own body weight. Get your "Summer Bod" ready all year round.

96 degrees
fun and dynamic flow of sun salutations incorporating the movements with your breath to create balance in body and mind to build heat, strength and stamina.
 This class places an emphasis on core and upper body strength, while toning and increasing flexibility throughout the whole body. Vinyasa is a practice accessible to all levels, as modifications will be given throughout class. 


Please bring your own mat, props, and towels. Cold towels will be provided at the end of every class, and we will have towels and mats for rent if needed. Blocks and other props will be available if you are unable to provide your own.

The studio flooring is made by
 Zebra Athletics and has received an antimicrobial treatment to help prevent the growth of microorganisms. The corners are hand-finished to ensure a moisture-proof seam at each, and the underside is completed by a natural rubber anti-skid surface for added stability. The flooring is cleaned after every class with an EPA certified environmental friendly disinfectant.

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